About IndexAmericas

IndexAmericas recognizes the efforts of the top 100 companies operating in Latin America and the Caribbean that are leading the way in sustainability.



The Four Dimensions of Sustainability Captured by IndexAmericas: ESGD

IndexAmericas focuses on four key dimensions: environment, society, corporate governance, and development (ESGD). Using data provided by Refinitiv and proprietary IDB Group indicators, IndexAmerica uses 188 indicators to evaluate companies. While environment, society, and corporate governance criteria accounts for eighty percent of a company’s assessment score, IndexAmericas applies IDB-IDB Invest development criteria to finalize results.



IndexAmericas holds that natural capital and environmental wellbeing drive competitiveness, profit, and improved quality of life. As such, IndexAmericas evaluates the degree to which companies integrate environmental considerations into their activities.



IndexAmericas applies social indicators to evaluate corporate activities that reduce poverty, improve social wellbeing, and advance equitable employment opportunities with a special focus on vulnerable groups like women, indigenous communities, and other minority groups.



Strong corporate governance helps companies boost effi- ciency, attract capital, enhance transparency, and foster investor confidence and positive stakeholder engagement. That’s why IndexAmericas assesses the corporate governance of eligible companies along such indicators as corporate integrity, transparency, and leadership and employee diversity.



IndexAmericas considers development a critical component of sustainability and therefore uses unique IDB-IDB Invest indicators to measure corporate activities related to small and vulnerable countries, inclusive supply chains, and other development priorities highlighted in the IDB Group’s institutional strategy.

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