Does the Index only include companies listed in stock exchanges?

Yes, companies must be publicly listed to be assessed by IndexAmericas.

How does IndexAmericas define “commitment to development in the region”?

The approval of the IDB’s Ninth General Capital Increase (IDB-9) in 2010 was complemented by a new institutional strategy reaffirming its commitment to sustainability and establishing two general objectives: advancing sustainable growth and reducing poverty and inequality.

Today, thanks to the Update to the Institutional Strategy approved in 2015, the IDB works toward three main development challenges:

  • Social exclusion and inequality
  • Low productivity and innovation
  • Lack of regional economic integration

And it also strives to address three cross-cutting issues that need to be considered when addressing each of the three development challenges:

  • Gender equality and diversity
  • Climate change and environmental sustainability
  • Institutional capacity and the rule of law

While the IDB Group applauds all efforts to sustainably improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean, IndexAmericas defines this commitment to development as actions that seek to advance these same priorities in the region.

How does IndexAmericas define “corporate sustainability”?

IndexAmericas’ definition of corporate sustainability is based on four elements: environment, society, corporate governance, and commitment to development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

How often is the Index updated?

IndexAmericas will be reviewed and updated twice a year.

What countries are covered by the Index?

The Index assesses companies operating in the IDB-IIC’s borrowing member countries.

What is IndexAmericas?

IndexAmericas is a corporate sustainability index developed by the IDB Group. It assesses and recognizes the efforts of publicly listed companies operating in Latin America and the Caribbean that are leading the way in sustainability.

IndexAmericas is unique in that it is the first index of its kind to factor in socioeconomic development as an important element of sustainability, the first index in the region to be fully aligned with the United Nations Sustainable development Goals, and the first corporate sustainability index developed by a multilateral development bank.

IndexAmericas assesses companies based on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) data analysis performed by Refinitiv on global corporations and a unique and proprietary development-focused methodology developed by the IDB Group. IndexAmericas was also developed in partnership with S-Network Global Indexes and receives academic support from Earth Institute at Columbia University.

What makes companies eligible for consideration by IndexAmericas?

categorized in the ten industries featured in the Thomson Reuters Business Classification.

  • Basic Materials
  • Cyclical Consumer Goods and Services
  • Energy
  • Financials
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Non-Cyclical Consumer Goods and Services
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Utilities
What sources of information are used to assess the companies reviewed by IndexAmericas?

IndexAmericas is based solely on publicly available information including annual reports, 10-k reports, GRI reports, financial reports, corporate governance codes, operating manuals, social and environmental policies, websites, social media, news, and other information found online and provided by legitimate and verifiable sources.

Why is my company not featured in IndexAmericas?

Companies not featured in IndexAmericas may be excluded if: 

  • They are not publicly listed
  • They do not have a footprint in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • They are not evaluated along ESG lines or featured in the Thomson Reuters ESG Score database
  • They engage in one or more of the IDB Group’s excluded activities
  • They have been sanctioned by the IDB’s Sanction Committee
  • They scored lower along ESG and development lines than the ten industry leaders featured